Mesa County Bar Association

Please visit the Mesa County Bar Association Facebook page
for announcements and regular updates.

Paypal Payments to the MCBA:

  1. Use the appropriate link below based on the event that you
    are paying for.
  2. Use the comment box to say who and when the payment is for.
    For example, “4 lunches for Firm XYZ on 7/30/2018.”
  3. Then click the Pay Now button and you will be able to choose the
    number you wish to pay for.  Follow the remaining
    prompts to use your credit card to make the payment using Paypal.
    You do not need to use a Paypal Account to pay.  On the “Log In”
    screen, there is a link that says “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”
    Selecting that link will allow you to pay using a credit or debit
    card without actually creating or using a Paypal Account.
  4. Feel free to contact the Treasurer with any questions.

Special Event: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 Dinner with
10th Circuit Court of Appeals at Redlands Mesa Golf
Club (Drinks at 5:00 P.M., Dinner at 6:00 P.M.)
Cost: $40 per person.  Use payment button below to
pay.  Please include the name of the attendee
(or sponsoring firm).

If paying for different numbers of beef/fish/vegetarian
options, please pay for each individually.  For
example, if purchasing two beef meals and one fish meal,
please pay for the two beef options first, and then make a
separate payment for the one fish selection.

Choose Dinner Option
$40 Dinner


Member Monthly MCBA Lunches – any number of
lunches at $17 a piece.

Guests of members may also be included at $17 per lunch.

$17 Lunch


Non-Member Monthly MCBA Lunches – any number
of lunches at $20 a piece.

$20 Lunch